Amaron GO 95D26L

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Brand: Amaron

Capacity: 65AH

Warranty: 44 Months (24 Months Full Replacement + 20 Months Pro Rata)

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Amaron GO 95D26L , brought to you by Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), the largest manufacturers of Stand-by VRLA Industrial Batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim and Johnson Controls Inc, USA; the global leader in Interior experience, building efficiency and power solutions.  The sister concern VARTA is also a Johnson Controls product and one of the biggest manufacturers of OEM battery. The second largest selling automotive Amaron battery brand in India.

Amaron GO 95D26L batteries are made in a QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant using world class technology and stringent quality control parameters that make them last long, really long. Some of the other features that add to making the Amaron GO so good: longest life, patented BIC vents for enhanced safety, the highest cranking power and a completely unnecessary 44 months warranty. 

Amaron GO 95D26L The high cranking power helps your car in starting in even extreme weather conditions. Amaron Go batteries require zero maintenance and no top-ups. Premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) ensure low-corrosion. These batteries come factory charged and are ready to use. Basically Amaron GO 95D26L is  mainly use in Toyota Diesel VariantsThe CCA of Amaron GO 95D26L is 560 and RC is 120.

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