Exide EEZY EY 700L

Key Features

Brand: Exide

Capacity: 65AH

Warranty: 44 Months (24 Months Full Replacement + 20 Months Pro Rata)

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Rs. 6900

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Exchange Price Rs. 5500

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 5500

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 6900

Exide EEZY EGRID 700L 65AH . The latest entrant from Exide with advanced features and cutting-edge design. Powered by the latest technology, it has been developed with years of expertise and experience. Exide EEZY is easy on the pocket and ideal partner for cars Exide EEZY EGRID 700L 65AH Batteries are manufactured by using new Lead-Tin-Calcium Alloy that helps to deliver higher cranking current and longer shelf life. Exide EEZY model Battery made of Punched Plates from rolled sheet provides superior corrosion resistance & electrical conductivity. Exide EEZY EGRID 700L 65AH is the replacement of Exide Mileage Mred700L with same warranty conditions.

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