Amaron PRO 55B24LS

Key Features

Brand: Amaron

Capacity: 12v ,45ah

Warranty: 30 Month Guarantee +30 Months Warranty

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Rs. 5900

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Amaron PRO 55B24LS

Amaron PRO 55B24LS is a technologically advanced battery for modern four wheelers. With the latest patented SilvenX alloy inside, this battery works for pretty longer period.


Some of the mention-worthy features are as follows -

    Latest patented SilvenX alloy keeps the battery in working condition for a long time without any maintenance.
  • The battery is just perfect for Indian roads with high vibration and temperature resistance capacity.
  • It is capable to reserve charge at the highest possible level.
  • With the largest Inter Cell Welds it has the highest cranking power.
  • The battery is available in the market factory-charged ready to use condition.

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