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Amaron FLO 555112054( DIN 55)

Key Features

Brand: Amaron

Capacity: 12V.55AH


Rs. 6726 10% off

Rs. 6053

Exchange Price Rs. 5459

Warranty : 24 months guarantee + 24 months warranty

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 5459

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 6053

Amaron FLO 555112054(DIN 55)

Amaron FLO 555112054(DIN 55) with 55Ah capacity is designed to perform at the highest level for years. The battery is available with 48 months’ warranty.


  • Extra heavy plate provides extra reserve capacity.
  • Super radial grid with inboard lug provides highest cranking power.
  • Manifold patented BIS venting system ensures highest level safety.
  • Microporous plastic envelop separator keeps active materials on the positive plate from touching negative plate ensuring better performance.

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