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Amaron FLO 545106036 (Din 45)

Key Features

Brand: Amaron

Capacity: 12v ,45ah


Rs. 5700 13% off

Rs. 4949

Exchange Price Rs. 4199

Warranty : 24 Months Guarantee +24 Months Warranty

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 4199

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 4949

Amaron FLO 545106036 (Din 45)

Amaron FLO 545106036 (Din 45) battery with 45 Ah capacity works unhindered for many years with any special attention from the owner. It just perfect battery for rough Indian roads.


  • High cranking power enables the battery to ensure easy start in any weather condition.
  • Premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) ensure low-corrosion and makes it really long-lasting.
  • This battery possesses high reserve capacity to stay equally efficient in any trouble.
  • The battery possesses high heat withstanding capacity.

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