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Amaron FLO-550113042- DIN 50

Key Features

Brand: Amaron

Capacity: 12V.50AH


Rs. 5877 10% off

Rs. 5289

Exchange Price Rs. 4639

Warranty : 24 Months Guarantee +24 Months Warranty

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 4639

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 5289

Amaron FLO DIN 50

Amaron FLO DIN 50 is available with 48 months’ warranty of which first 24 months is free of cost replacement warranty.


Its most popular features are as follows –

  • Highest level of heat resistance technology.
  • Fast charging even poor service condition.
  • Zero-maintenance with long durability.
  • Advanced technology to keep it highly efficient in any weather condition.
  • Absolutely low corrosion and zero top-up experience

Manufacturer has been using top quality manufacturing machineries and raw materials to manufacture best quality Amaron FLO DIN 50 batteries. That is why, this battery works with equal efficiency for years.

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