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Amaron PRO 600109087(DIN100)

Key Features

Brand: Amaron

Capacity: 12v,100ah


Rs. 16826 10% off

Rs. 15143

Exchange Price Rs. 14243

Warranty : 30 months guarantee + 30 months warranty

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 14243

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 15143

Amaron PRO 600109087(DIN100)

Amaron PRO 600109087(DIN100) is one of the most popular Amaron Pro range of batteries. It is one such battery that requires absolutely zero-maintenance.


The most distinctive features of the battery are as follows –

  • Long life with practically zero-maintenance requirement.
  • Highest cranking power for hazardless starts even in cold weather.
  • Higher tolerance to higher temperatures.
  • Higher resistivity to high vibrations.
  • Lower corrosion and no requirement of top-ups.
  • Higher charge reserve capacity.
  • 60 months’ warranty.
  • Available in factory charged condition to start using right after purchase.

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