Exide Mileage ML40LBH

Key Features

Brand: Exide

Capacity: 40AH

Warranty: 55 Months (30 Months Full Replacement + 25 Months Pro Rata)

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Rs. 5148

Rs. 4700

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Exchange Price Rs. 3800

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 3800

Without Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 4700

Exide Mileage  ML40LBH battery is built using the most advanced next-generation Punch Grip technology for high-performance long-life batteries. These batteries are made of punched plates from rolled sheet which makes the battery highly resistant to corrosion.  And, reinforcement improves motorized and electrical performance. Specially Grid designed frame of the battery increases its mechanical strength and reduces grid expansion. NOW new Model introduced by Exide Ind is Exide Mileage ML40LBH and Old model is Exide Mileage MGRID 40LBH

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